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How to Rock Your App Store Description

The App Store Description is one of the most important steps in setting up your App. It isn’t as flashy as designing graphic assets or involved as determining your engagement strategy, but it is one of the key factors that users rely on when deciding to download an App.

According to a recent study by TUNE, it was the feature that users most often considered important to influencing their decision to download an App: 71.06% of users found it important, 24.17% were neutral, and only 4.77% said it wasn’t important. The next highest rated feature was the App’s rating where 68.05% of users said it was important.
(August, 2015 Mobile Report: The App store factors your users really care about)

So when crafting your App’s description, what factors do we need to take into account? The description is your opportunity to introduce mobile users to your App, let them know what they can do with it, and entice them to download it.

Tips for Rocking the Description

Capture their attention

The App information page in the iTunes App store only displays the first few lines of the description. A “More” link opens up the remaining text. So it’s important that the opening of your description grabs the reader’s attention. Summarize what your App does and why it’s awesome in the first two lines. Use active verb phrases to help keep the text engaging. Craft this intro text to end mid-phrase so that it prompts the user to tap “More” to finish the sentence they are reading.

Android has a separate Short Description field. InstantEncore will adapt a phrase from the beginning of your App Store Description to fill this spot.

Use the More link to your advantage. Make people curious.

Highlight key features

Mobile users read App descriptions to learn what the App will enable them to do before deciding whether or not to download it. Make a list of your App’s most important and enticing features. Again, using active verb phrases will prompt the user to envision themselves using your App in the described manner. Be sure to highlight the unique features your App provides that your website does not, such as At-The-Venue Experiences and Notifications. This is also a great place to tell your potential App subscribers how you plan to use the notification features. What type of messaging will they receive if they opt-in to you receive these? How will these messages be useful for them? People tend to opt-in for notifications if they know in advance what types of messages they will receive.

Make it easy-to-read

Mobile users expect to be able to scan your description quickly and easily to ascertain what your App does. Avoid writing in paragraph format. Use bullets and line breaks to foster scanning the text.

Bulleted list of key features.

Keep it concise

While the App stores allow your description to be up to 4,000 characters in length, no one really wants to read that long of an App description. You should be able to inform the user about your App and compel them to download it with no more than 700 characters.

Don’t be afraid of a little humor
Humor can be a great ice breaker that lets the user know this App was made by a human and not some mindless, faceless App manufacturer. It makes your description more personable

“…except perhaps the bottom of the ocean or the moon.”

Include single-line excerpts from reviews

Once your App has received positive feedback from users, experts or media sources, add excerpts from these comments to your App description to bring in a bit of external validation.

How to Create or Change the Description

Whether your App is still in the setup phase or just due for an update, follow these steps to create or change your App Store Description:

  • Log into your account and go to Mobile >> Basic Settings.
  • Scroll down to find the field marked App Store Description.
  • Simply add the description in the text box. It’s that easy.
  • If you are not sure what to write, click on the “see template” link in the paragraph under the text field, and a box containing text generated by our template will appear.

  • You may copy text from this box and paste it into the App Store Description field, where you can edit as needed.
  • If you are changing your App Store Description, please notify us at support@instantencore.com as we will need to submit the change to Apple and Google Play for approval.
  • Bear in mind that it can take up to 10 business days for the App store approval to be completed.

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