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InstantEncore is the leading provider of mobile solutions to performing arts organizations around the globe. Our partners use the InstantEncore platform to power their mobile apps, enhance live experiences and create deeper relationships with their audiences. InstantEncore partners include Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Curtis Institute of Music and Dallas Summer Musicals. With Tessitura™ Network, Inc., our partners include the New York Philharmonic, The Shaw Festival and Santa Fe Opera.

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Enhance Audience Experience At The Venue

Since 2014, InstantEncore’s mobile suite has enabled performing arts organizations to enhance the audience experience with event-specific content released within their mobile app on the day of the performance.

Our new At-The-Venue (ATV) feature uses automation tools to make this easier than ever before. With At-The-Venue, you can automatically generate an ATV experience for every event in your calendar AND identify specific content to be included in every ATV experience.

ATV’s automation tools help you to consistently enhance the audience experience for every event, amplify the relevancy of your app for patrons, and save staff time by reducing app management tasks

Sync ATV with Your Events

Prior to the release of At-The-Venue, app administrators needed to manually create experiences for events on their calendar. Now, you can synchronize the creation of ATV experiences with Events in your app.  And all it takes is the click of a button!

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  • In your account, go to Mobile >> At-The-Venue
  • In the Checklist on the right, click on Sync with Events
  • Click on the Enable Sync button
Once you enable the sync, an ATV experience will be generated for each upcoming Event. The follow items will be automatically included in the experience:

  • Event Title
  • Event Date and Start Time
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  • Event Image
    • Your Event Image will also appear as the image on your ATV Info Screen for the event.
    • If you use the Icons, Slideshow, or What’s New home screen options, the system will use your Event Image as the default Landing Screen image for your At-The-Venue Experience.
      • If a particular image does not work for the Landing Screen, you can override it by uploading a new one.
    • If you use the Cards home screen option, the system will use your Event Image in the card for your ATV Experience.
  • Check-in prompt for social media: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare
  • Default content (covered in the next section)

Advanced Tip

If you do not wish to have an ATV experience appear for a synced Event, you can hide it with the click of a button.

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  • Go to Mobile >> At-The-Venue.
  • From the list of upcoming ATV experiences, select the one you wish to hide.
  • In the Checklist on the right, click on Display.
  • Click on the Hide button.

Add Default Content to ATV Experiences

Whether you synchronize ATV with your Events or manually add new ATV experiences, you can now designate certain content to be automatically included in your upcoming experiences by default. While you can always add custom content to your ATV experiences, there may be certain items that you wish to feature every time.  Adding default content prevents you from repeatedly adding the same content for each experience.

To begin adding default content for your ATV experiences:

  • Go to Mobile >>At-The-Venue.
  • In the Checklist on the right, select Default Content.
In the first section on this page, you can designate a default hashtag, sponsor name, sponsor URL, and time zone.
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  • Hashtag
    • If you use a common hashtag for all (or the majority) of your events, then adding it to the default content area makes perfect sense.
    • For any events using a custom hashtag, you can add it to that particular experience and override the default hashtag.
  • Sponsor Name & URL
    • Adding a default sponsor name and URL to your ATV experiences is a great way to provide consistent visibility for your mobile app sponsor or another major sponsor for your season.
  • Time Zone
    • If all of your events take place in the same time zone, then adding it as default content for your experiences will eliminate a repetitive task.
The remaining sections on the page enable you to add default Things to Know, Offers, and Custom Actions to your ATV experiences.
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Things to Know

If you knew that a new patron was attending your event, what would you tell them to guide them toward a positive experience? Things to Know is a list of short, interesting or useful facts designed to improve the audience’s experience.

  • Each Thing to Know is a combination of image and text.
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  • You can choose whether your default Things to Know will appear at the top or the bottom of the list.
  • You can always add customized Things to Know for each experience.
  • Your default Things to Know should be applicable to all of your ATV experiences.  
  • The slideshow below contains 10 examples of Things to Know that would work well as default content.



Offers are a great way to drive revenue and highlight external partnerships during At-The-Venue experiences.
  • Each Offer is a combination of headline and image connected to a description articulating how to redeem that particular offer.
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  • You can choose whether your default Offers will appear at the top or the bottom of the Offers List page for your ATV experiences.
  • You can always add customized Offers for each experience.
  • Your default Offers should be applicable to all of your ATV experiences.  Below are just a few examples:

Custom Actions

Actions appear on the Info screen for ATV experiences.  Tapping on an action takes the mobile user to a content area relevant to their experience.
  • There are four actions offered for all ATV experiences: Check-In, Things to Know, Program Notes, and Artists.
  • Custom actions take users to specific content either within the app or online
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  • You have the ability to add relevant, custom actions to specific ATV experiences
  • You can now choose to add default Custom Actions to the top or the bottom of your list of actions on the Info screen for your ATV experiences
  • Your default Custom Actions should be applicable to all of your ATV experiences.
  • Here are a few examples of possible default Custom Actions:
    • Donate screen with information for giving online
    • How to get to the venue via public transportation
    • Parking information
    • List of nearby restaurants
    • Subscription benefits


If you have questions about how to maximize these automation tools for your At-The-Venue experiences, contact us at support@instantencore.com.

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