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InstantEncore is the leading provider of mobile solutions to performing arts organizations around the globe. Our partners use the InstantEncore platform to power their mobile apps, enhance live experiences and create deeper relationships with their audiences. InstantEncore partners include Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Curtis Institute of Music and Dallas Summer Musicals. With Tessitura™ Network, Inc., our partners include the New York Philharmonic, The Shaw Festival and Santa Fe Opera.

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New England Conservatory’s Mobile Evolution

Founded in 1867, the New England Conservatory has sure seen its share of technological evolution over the years. Basically, all of it. From the first computers to the internet to video streaming, social networking, and mobile devices, NEC students have been educated in an ever increasingly sophisticated world. As with any successful institution, they have always found ways to adapt and grow with these new technologies, embracing change.

NEC first joined the InstantEncore family at the beginning of 2010 to post upcoming event listings and music samples for our fan community. Over time, as their library of content grew, it became obvious that InstantEncore Pro services were a great fit for them as well.

In 2014, our API allowed them to populate their own website with the content they had already added to InstantEncore. This helped to streamline and automate part of their own website maintenance. Then in early 2015, as Director of Communications Rob Schmieder explains below, the time came for them to evolve with mobile.

Jordan Hall in Boston, Massachusetts

Why did you decide to offer a mobile app for your patrons?

Over the years, we’ve been asked for an app, and simply couldn’t afford the cost of a ground-up app build. We had also been tracking growth trends in mobile usage by our existing website users, and knew that about a third of our users were looking at us in mobile. So, the time had come.

Why did you choose InstantEncore’s mobile solution?

Simple, elegant, gets the job done, and it fit our budget! We had been using InstantEncore’s platform for several years, so this was a natural evolution.

What are the main benefits for patrons who download your app?

First and foremost, it gives our concertgoers a very easy way in to our extremely busy schedule of free concerts and events – a thousand a year. The recognition factor of a user interface that is also used by other leading organizations such as Celebrity Series and NY Philharmonic means that they don’t have to “learn something new.” The app also offers quick links into our main website for our core business of educating Preparatory, College, and Continuing Education students, and a simple doorway to our rich video and audio assets.

What’s your favorite thing about your app?

On behalf of NEC, anything we can do to make life easier for our concertgoers is a big plus. As a frequent concertgoer myself, I like how it gets right to the point: what’s coming up, what do I need to know about it. For the same reason, I use InstantEncore’s NY Phil app when I’m in New York.

What’s the feedback on the app been like from your patrons?

Based on the number of downloads, and the traffic numbers, we believe it has been vigorously adopted by our patrons.

What has customer support been like?

From my years of experience in working with a wide range of digital services, large and small, InstantEncore has provided hands-down the most responsive customer support.

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