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Back to School with the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance

Back to School is a magical time of the year when students return to classes and parents around the globe rejoice. It is a time of reinvention and new beginnings. For the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance, this means welcoming a new Communications Coordinator to their team, Jessica Riggins. Right from the beginning, Jessica has embraced her new position, bringing her own touch to UMKC’s social media and implementing new features available in their App.

With just the click of a few buttons, she almost completely transformed the look and feel of the App to give users a fresh experience for the new school year.

Before & After: Jessica updated the slideshow format with a navigation bar (left)
to cards with a collapsible menu (right).

Home Screen: Cards

The Cards view provides a summary of content in their App along with the ability to highlight anything in particular, be it specific content or external websites.

A mix of default and custom cards.

The Events, Buzz, Music, and Videos cards here are all automatically created. These default cards are designed to feature content added to other areas of the App.

The “2016-2017 Conservatory Artist Series” and “Follow us on Twitter!” cards were added as custom cards in order to call special attention to those resources.

Collapsible Menu

The collapsible menu brings all content areas in their App into one central menu, instead of separating things out in to a navigation bar and then a “more” menu.

Tapping on the icon button causes the menu to slide out from the left side of the screen.

A subtle but important result from this change is that it frees up the screen to display a little more content. This makes their App feel less cluttered and more focused on what is important: their content.

Example: Removing the navigation bar lets another event listing emerge before having to scroll.


With the introduction of Geofences, UMKC has the perfect way to engage their audience members when they arrive at an event. This feature isn’t as flashy as a new home screen or menu system, but in a way it’s the most important one of all. What good is adding all this great content for an event if no one knows that it’s there?

UMKC app users are already used to receiving Push Notifications. Receiving one now in a location-aware context makes it even more powerful.

A Geofence placed around the campus reminds people to check out content in the App.

By setting the Geofence to only send out a message when an At-the-Venue Experience is active, Jessica never has to worry about people receiving a message at the wrong time. Someone shows up to class at 10am on a Tuesday? No problem. No ATV Experience is active, so no message is sent.

If she wants to set up even more detailed messages later, all she needs to do is add a custom message. It will automatically override the ATV message for those specific events.

How much time did it take to change the UMKC app?

Most of these changes (switching the Menu mode, turning off the Slideshow tab and turning on the Cards tab, and creating a Geofence with a basic ATV message) took less than ten minutes to implement. And none of them required an App update to be submitted to Apple, which can take several days to go through the review process.

Isn’t that a great time investment for such a dramatic and immediate update?

Check it out!

Click here to download the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance ‘s App

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