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Spokane Symphony Fits In All The Pieces Of The Puzzle

Your mobile app has the potential to be an amazing resource for your audience. From information about upcoming events, to audio and video content, FAQs, Social links, and more. An app with useful and fun content is much more likely to be enjoyed and remain on people’s phones, giving you the opportunity to connect with them through Push Notifications and Geofence messages.

An outstanding example of this is the Spokane Symphony mobile app. They’ve implemented many of the ideas we’ve talked about in the past, adding together all of these puzzle pieces to turn their app into a wealth of features and resources.


What could be better than running a contest to help drive app adoption? How about running two contests!

Their contests are targeted at different demographics with different rewards, giving an incentive to download the app to a much broader segment of their audience.

Read more on how to set up contests in your own app.

Custom Cards

In addition to the default Content cards and the Custom cards for their contests, Spokane Symphony has made sure to provide plenty other cards highlighting various things such as Season Subscriptions and different concert series.

This really helps to fill out the home screen in their app, giving it more depth.

Read more on how to set up Custom cards.


It is rare for printed programs to list out bios for every musician in an orchestra. The resulting program would be difficult for audience members to manage, to say nothing of the paper and ink costs. Your app gives you the opportunity to provide a level of detail for the audience not usually afforded by printed programs.

Spokane Symphony took full advantage of this feature, giving people a chance to read about the different musicians while waiting for the concert to begin.

Watch a video on how to set up the Artists tab.

Virtual Tour

It is becoming more and more common for 360 degree panoramic imagery to be available along side of regular photos in the images associated with a venue on Google Maps. Take advantage of this by linking to such content as a custom tab in your app. You might also look into hiring a video drone operator to record outside footage of your venue or campus to add to your Videos tab.

Resources like these can help new visitors get acquainted with your venue before their first visit, leading to a more enjoyable experience.

Read more about Virtual Tours in your app.

Custom Tabs

There are many more possibilities beyond Virtual Tours for custom tabs. Parking and Dining info are two of the most crucial elements you can add. This elevates your app to a tool that lets people plan their entire evening.

Adding tabs with Donation information and your other Social Media platforms lets your patrons show their support in multiple ways. You can even add links to Spotify playlists, like Spokane Symphony has, so that people can sample music that will be on your program ahead of time.

Read more about adding Custom Tabs.


Most of the features we’ve looked at on Spokane Symphony’s app so far are resources for people to take advantage of when they are away from the venue. They have also done an outstanding job providing people with content to enjoy immediately before, during, and after an event.

Their ATV Info screen is filled with useful instructions, conductor bios, social links, and more.

They encouraged people to tweet pictures and answer trivia questions while directly posting other fun facts, messages, and contest winners, creating a highly engaging experience.

Instead of just one or two offers, Spokane Symphony provided four different offers during the course of this event, available at different times throughout the evening. Future event discounts, free ticket drawings, and a chance to win a gift bag provide a variety ways to participate in the fun without feeling like the only Offer available is one that requires them to spend money.

Read more about setting up At-The-Venue and get inspired with ideas for different kinds of offers.

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