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InstantEncore is the leading provider of mobile solutions to performing arts organizations around the globe. Our partners use the InstantEncore platform to power their mobile apps, enhance live experiences and create deeper relationships with their audiences. InstantEncore partners include Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Curtis Institute of Music and Dallas Summer Musicals. With Tessitura™ Network, Inc., our partners include the New York Philharmonic, The Shaw Festival and Santa Fe Opera.

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Encouraging End-of-Year Donations

November and December are some of the biggest months for charitable giving. As we approach the end of the year, people evaluate their finances and are able to determine how much they can give to their favorite charities and non-profits. But the competition is fierce. There are multitudes of worthy causes for people to consider. So you need to stand out, to be heard, to make your case.

Your mobile app gives you a great platform to do this. You’ve already established a user-base for your app: Audience members who want to hear from you and want to see you succeed. Now it’s time to let them know what they can do to help.

If you haven’t done so already, the first step is to create a Custom Tab in the app with information about how people can make their end-of-year donations. Since these are typically larger than your spur of the moment, $20 to $50 donations, avoid linking to web forms. Also avoid linking to PDF forms that should be printed out and mailed in, as most users aren’t set up to be able to print PDFs from their mobile device.

Instead, be sure to give people a way to get in touch with someone they can speak to personally. This is best done with a phone number turned into a telephone link so that they can easily tap the link and initiate a phone call. If this isn’t possible, an email link with a preset subject and body can help people easily request to speak with someone about a larger donation.

Now you want to make this information visible. Create a Custom Card or Slide on your home screen. Place it high in the priority through the end of the year to make sure people see it.

And for those users who don’t open the app frequently, be proactive and reach out with a Push Notification. Send out a short message reminding people that the year is almost over and to please remember you when planning their end-of-year giving. Set the notification to open up the custom tab you just created so anyone interested is taken directly to this information.

You’re not quite done yet. It’s always important to make your donors feel appreciated. Don’t only use the app to ask for donations, but to thank people for their donations, too. Early next year, create another tab listing last year’s donors and at what level they contributed, just like you would in a printed program. And just as you used a Push Notification to guide users to the donation information in the first place, create another one to thank your donors and set the message to open up the donor list tab. Anything like this that you can do to give back to those who were generous can help to encourage further charitable giving in the future.

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